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This is my story

I spent my childhood in a small farmhouse surrounded by a large family.  Pastures, hay fields, forest and lakes were the landscape and pastimes of my childhood. In the farmhouse, you had to take part in many different kinds of housework, and so from an early age I learned to do many things, such as cooking for a large family, using a knife and axe, milking cows, driving a tractor and riding a horse. In the days before the internet, children were outside all the time. During the winter we skied and skated and in summer we swam and played various yard games. We either cycled or skied to school, but I also always remember the day when, as a ten-year-old, I rode a horse to school to get my primary school leaving certificate.  The horse galloped so hard on the way home that it only stopped when it hit the barn wall.

I trained as a social worker and worked in substance abuse rehabilitation for almost 30 years. Already 20 years ago I studied to become a wilderness guide. I have extensive experience in winter activities (skiing, snowshoeing and ice skating), nature and the exploitation of natural resources such as berries, mushrooms, wild herbs and fishing. Old wilderness skills and traditions and campfire food are also close to my heart. In the summer I can guide mountain bike and hiking trips and I am a licensed canoeing instructor.

For several years I used my wilderness guide skills in my substance abuse rehabilitation work. I have developed projects related to Green Care, which utilized the effects of nature's well-being on recovery from addiction.  

A few years ago, I drifted into management work behind a computer and the actual work I enjoyed became my leisure hobby. Fortunately, for the last three winters I have been able to work as a ski guide in Hossa National Park, mainly for international groups.


Now the time has come that I want to do the work I enjoy and that's why I started Travel With Maarit. I know that this is what I can, be able and want to do. I enjoy teaching people new things and new skills. I have always enjoyed offering people new experiences and adventures. If you want new and authentic experiences, you are warmly welcome on my trips.


As a member of the LGBTQ community myself, it comes naturally to me to welcome LGBTQ people to my travel experiences.


If you spend your holiday with members of the LGBTQ community - it offers an opportunity to travel with like-minded individuals who share your interests and experiences. This way, I can genuinely provide a safe space for my guests, where everyone can feel relaxed and be their true selves.

You can choose travel solo, with a friend, in a couple or gather your own group of friends (minimum 6 people - maximum 8 people) and spend a unique and unforgettable winter week with me in an authentic cottage setting, surrounded by pure white snow and shimmering stary skies.

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